Southington CT Youth Soccer League Recreation


Q:  How long is the season and how many games are held?

A:  The season is 8 weeks long with games beginning the Sunday after Labor Day and going until roughly the end  of October or beginning of November. Eight games are held and one makeup weekend is in the schedule to make up for games rained out.

Q:  How many and how long are the practices?

A:  Two practices are held each week.  For the A, AAA and B division players, the two practices per week are 1.5 hours each.  For the C division players, one practice per week is held and it lasts 1 hour.

Q:  When are practices held (day of week and time)?

A:  Practice days and times are scheduled individually by each coach.  Once your child is assigned to a team, the coach will be in touch with you and let you know the days and times of practice.

Q:  When are games held?

A:  Games are held at various times on Sunday mornings and afternoons.

Q:  How much playing time will my child receive?

A:  All children will receive equal playing time.  Playing time is not based upon ability level.

Q:  Where are practices held?

A:  In general:  AAA division Girls at Rec Park; A division Boys  at Depaolo; B division Boys and Girls at Derynoski; C division Boys and Girls at various elementary schools.

Q:  Where are games held?   

A:  Games are held at Rec Park with the exception of A division Boys which are held at Southington High School.

Q:  Which team will my child be on?

A:  Players are generally assigned randomly by the league to a team.  However, players are normally assigned to the same team in succeeding years unless they move up to another division due to their age.

Q:  What is travel soccer and who runs it?

A:  A completely different organization, the Southington Soccer Club runs the travel soccer program in town. Travel soccer is a more competitive program in which the Southington teams play teams from other towns.  You can find out more information about their program at:

Q:  What items does the league provide my child with?

A:  The league will provide your child with a game soccer shirt (each team has a different color) and a pair of black soccer socks.

Q:  What items do I need to get for my child so he/she can participate?

A:  You will need to provide black shorts, shin guards, cleats, water bottle and a soccer ball.  The A and AAA divisions use a size 5 soccer ball.  B, C and D divisions use a  size 4 soccer ball. 

Q:  I would like to be a soccer coach, assistant coach, referee or in some other way help in the league.  How would I go about doing that?

A:  On the registration form there is an area where you can indicate that you are willing to volunteer.